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Even in today’s world of social media, outdoor advertising attracts attention. Most clothing, jewellery and retail brands still rely on hoardings and banners to create visibility. Banners are used for creating a wave of brand visibility on a large scale.

Banners are ideal for outdoor usage. They are used in the façade of store displays, exhibition stalls or trade fair counters. You can also find them as signage at lamp posts, traffic signals, traffic islands etc.

Why Banners Matter to Your Business?

  1. Great visibility at low cost

Be it newspaper ads or outdoor hoardings, they are all big-budget expenses. Same is the case for social media advertising as it involves agency costs, online media overheads, etc. What to do to gain great visibility at low costs? Use banners, of course.

  1. Economical Alternative for big advertising

If you need bold and big advertising, go for outdoor advertising.  This is what everyone thinks. But the cost of renting and installing big billboards or hoardings is excessive. Instead, use banners which offer the same visibility at lower costs.

The cost of a single hoarding is nearly 100 times the cost of a single banner. We can print 1000 banners instead of a single hoarding.

  1. Wider reach and presence

For Billboard advertising,  the rates are high and the display spots are in high demand. Banners, on the other hand, are economical and easy to print and display. They can be hung in public places like parks, fountains, traffic islands, streetlights etc, instead of placing a couple of billboards in the city, we can place a hundred Banners all over the town. Banners have  wider reach and penetration. Hoardings or Billboards are seen by only 10% of the population in a town while banners are seen by  90%.

  1. Instant and repeat recall

In a large city, you can only pass by the same billboard twice in a day. But you can see the banners of the same brand all over the town. Banners are placed at every nook and corner. The more you see them, the more you can recall.  Banners have high recall value due to a wider presence and frequent viewing.

  1. Versatile

Billboards or hoardings are mostly horizontal. But banners can be both horizontal or vertical. These banners also have different ways of installation like Pole- hanging, Calendar- hanging, Ceiling-hanging, Wall-mounted, Floor-standing models and Banner stands.

  1. Multiple-use

Banners are used extensively  due to their low cost, bulk printing facility and high visibility for many purposes like Birthday Party or Wedding Celebrations, Election Meetings, Trade fairs, Product Expos and Shop signages or direction boards

Banners attract attention with their creative designs wherever they are placed.

Keep these points in mind while designing a Banner with an expert Print specialist.

Tips for creative banner design

  1. Create visuals attractively using images of good resolution
  2. Use bright colours in the banner to catch the eye of the viewers instantly
  3. Use bold lettering and clear fonts
  4. Avoid too much content
  5. Avoid colour bleeding during the printing of the banner
  6. Digital printing gives the best results.
  7. Print in different sizes to hang both horizontally or vertically.
  8. Print in bulk to get the best rates and to circulate widely.
  9. Print banners in good quality material for long use
  10. Get the banners printed only from a professional print supplier

Always print banners from professional print specialists. Hang them at all the prominent spots in town and watch them boost your business.

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