Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Today, it is much easier to record and manage the time data for your staff. Recent advances in the development of labour management software in Toronto have enhanced the value of the conventional hand punch terminal. So you can use it to record, store and analyze time data and all the attendance details of each worker. Eventually, you will reduce the time spent on managing this information, especially when you need to compute payroll. Here are four reasons why you need to use labour management software in Toronto.

Easy Management of Flexible Work Schedules

Now that many employees do their work outside the office, it is important to be able to monitor the punctuality, number of hours put into the job, and the efficiency of those working from remote locations. With the help of an automated hand punch terminal, you can see what each member of the team is doing from any location around the globe. With internet access, all members of your team can easily use the same labour management software. This will enable you to reduce the time required to manage work schedules and focus more on meeting the needs of your customers.

Enhanced Job Satisfaction

Using a hand punch terminal, enhanced with labour management software in Toronto, can help you to increase the job satisfaction of your staff. As soon as your employees know that their pay will be computed accurately, they will think less about it and focus more on doing their jobs properly. The software will reduce all human mistakes that are frequently made during the payroll computation process. Software allows workers to monitor their payroll data through a self-service portal and reduce the number of mails and trips needed to complete the process. Your staff will appreciate the convenience you have provided by installing this software and improve their performance on the job.

Improved Worker Productivity

When you start using efficient time clock software, the time required to handle all time card tasks will be drastically reduced. For example, with a manual process, the total number of hours used by each employee will have to be transfered manually from a large attendance book to your payroll system. This process is error-prone and it can take several man-hours every month. With an automated process, the entire computation of your employees’ payroll will be completed quickly.

Error-free Time Keeping

With an automated hand punch terminal, you don’t have to worry about doing manual recording of attendance and time related data anymore. Your workers don’t have to manually report the total amount of time they spent working every day. That means that all the tricks and gimmicks used by employees to help each other record time sheets and sign for absent workers will come to an end.

Those are some of the key benefits of using a labour management software in Toronto. Beyond tracking of basic entry and closing time, the time management software will integrate seamlessly with your payroll system for accuracy, productivity and improved employee satisfaction.

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