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Do you want your lashes to grow longer, get thicker and darker? Try our eyelash serum. It is a tried and tested formula to enhance your beautiful lashes. The eyelash serum is a new addition to the cosmetic business that can give you longer, darker and thicker lashes when you use it on a regular basis.

This article will highlight exactly what you can get from applying olive oil on your lashes. Olive oil is the oil that is got from the olive, a fruit that is mainly found in Mediterranean region. This oil has been widely used by people all over the world.

Maybe you already know the amazing benefits that your body can get from olive oil and the taste that olive oil can give your meals. But do you know that olive oil can be an incredible and inspiring ordinary product for your eyelashes?

Read with me to discover how your eyelashes can grow longer and thicker using olive oil

  1. Olive oil is a makeup remover

Many people don’t know that sleeping with makeup is not good and it has some serious negative implications. It is very crucial to remove your makeup as you go to bed. Note that, removing your makeup while going to sleep will give your skin and lashes a refreshed and clean moment thus enabling a smooth running of other body processes while you are sleeping. In fact, it is good to remove your makeup using olive oil since most makeup wipes and makeup removing solutions are mixed with chemicals and other harmful components that could damage your skin like alcohol.

It’s very easy to remove your makeup with olive oil since you just need a cotton pad or cotton ball, then you put the cotton on the oil so that it absorbs the oil, put it on your skin or eyelashes and wait for about 20 seconds then softly wipe your makeup away and clean the oil by rinsing it.

  1. Olive oil contains important nutrients

Olive oil is a major source of essential nutrients and minerals that are necessary for hair growth. Applying olive oil on a regular basis can ensure that your eyelashes are getting the vitamins and minerals they need to generate stronger and improved lashes.

  1. Olive oil is a wonderful lash conditioner

Although you don’t feel it, you damage your lashes every time you wear makeup, rub your eyes and also when you use harsh chemicals. When you do all these, you risk having negative effects on your eyelashes. In fact, makeup can be a major damage to the health of your lashes. Other products like eyeliner and mascara contain some chemicals and preservatives which can harm your lashes. Fake lashes can even take out form your lash line when you take them out. To condition and restore the health of your lashes, you can use olive oil as it is the most effective method.

  1. Olive oil can enhance your lashes

Not all people are blessed with long and beautiful lashes. However, if you want your lashes to grow longer without having to apply mascara or other harsh products such as lash curlers you should consider using olive oil. When you apply olive oil regularly, you will realize that they will be growing longer but you need to apply it consistently because if you fail to do it on a regular basis, you won’t achieve the best results.

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