Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Chicago, the most populous city of the state of Illinois and the third most populated city of united states with a population of about 2.7 million residents. In the beginning the city started as the small trading unit on the bank of river Chicago but within short span of time it become greatest metropolitan city of United States. The economy of the city equally depends upon commerce industry, telecommunication, technology and transportation.

The city is a place of innovation and diversity, as it is the birthplace of lot of things like mail order, sky scrapper and automated bread factory and so on. Most of the people come to the city to pursue their dreams.

The city has an ideal location for small businesses to flourish and grow. Here we are going to present you with three low cost business ideas for Chicago. Give them a read and make up your mind to get in the business industry of Chicago.

1- Blogging Business:

The city is considered as the technology hub and there is lot for those who want to make money by blogging. If you have some good writing skills and can express your thoughts with your words. This is the write platform where you can earn handsome money by staying at home. In the city like Chicago you have number of aspects to write about.

2- Hostel Business:

Not only tourists, Chicago receives a number of international students. If you have any vacant building or you can hire some building in the center of the city and convert it into hostel with reasonable rates.

3- Mobile Salon:

You can start mobile salon business with a very low investment by providing the best salon services to the senior citizens and stay at home moms who don’t want to go out. You have the best opportunity to start this service and you can get a good number of customers with little advertisement and getting some good clients in the start.

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