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Just like any other customer base, those who purchase from cannabis dispensaries have preferences on people they would prefer to work with. Also, like any other business market, customers want to work with people who know what they are talking about and can navigate the product line with ease. 

There is not a single reason why someone purchases from a marijuana dispensary, there are patients who are being treated for medical conditions, and recreational users coming to the same facility and they are looking for guidance on the products available and how specific ones will relate to the purpose they will be using it for. If your budtender does not fit what your customers are looking for, they will go to another dispensary, and you will lose money. 

First Impression 

Your employees are the first impression customers get of your establishment, and possibly of a cannabis dispensary in general. This means you should take extra care in screening them for knowledge, compassion, and ability to work with people. The way customers are treated will determine whether they come back to your dispensary, or whether they seek the services of another dispensary in the area. Here are four of the primary complaints from both recreational marijuana users and medical marijuana users have about working with the average cannabis guide. 

Rude and Impatient Service 

When customers come into a dispensary, they are looking for both the marijuana product, and information about the different strains that are available in your dispensary. 

dispensary employees are supposed to know information about all of the strains offered in the facility. Each customer provides a unique approach at interacting about a number of marijuana products. 

Each customer will need and individualized experience. They will need to discuss the strains they have purchased previously, and their experience. This is especially true if they are in search of a new strain or they have had less than ideal experiences with certain strains in the past. If your cannabis consultants don’t know what they are talking about, or if they think they know everything and don’t want to listen to customers, customers will avoid coming back. 

Many customers are reporting that they are not receiving the customer service they deserve from a business. They are also reporting that they are receiving rude customer service and are being met with ignorant employees, which is simply unacceptable. 

Failing to Differentiate Between Medical Needs and Recreational Purchase 

There are different reasons customers come into a marijuana dispensary, they do so for two main reasons, to treat a medical condition and for recreational use. When employees work with customers, they should take time to differentiate between the needs of a recreational user and a medical marijuana user. 

When customers come in to purchase marijuana to treat a medical condition they prefer for dispensary staff to treat the product like it is a medicinal substance, not as a recreational substance. Since most dispensary staff approach marijuana as a recreational substance, customers who seek it for medical reasons can feel alienated. 

Ignoring Basic Hygiene 

Many dispensary employees fail to treat marijuana as a product for customers. They ignore the basic hygiene of handling a raw product that will be consumed by customers. Customers frequently notice employees failing to wash their hands and failing to use gloves when handling the product. They also see employees handling marijuana buds with bare hands and later place them back in the jar. 

While many recreational users do not mind this practice as much, as long as basic handling hygiene is met, it is important to note that many medical patients frequent the facility too. A lot of the medical patients who use marijuana have weekend or impaired immune systems. While marijuana cannot be completely sterilized, great care is taken in the way it is grown and processed. This is to ensure that it does not come into contact with unnecessary foreign contaminates so it does not make medical users ill or threaten those with weakened immune systems. 

It is also proven that employees come into contact with pets outside of the facility. If they do not properly wash their hands or touch their clothing and touch the marijuana with ungloved hands, they risk spreading pet hair and dander to marijuana buds, which puts those with pet allergies at risk. This can easily create a public health hazard. 

To ensure that the product is well cared for, employees should follow the same standards as food service personnel and remember that they are handling consumable products that will be used by someone other than themselves. No one wants to go through the added effort of going to a dispensary to purchase a dirty product that could be found on the street. 

Cannabis consultants should always take into account the different uses for marijuana how they treat patrons, the different uses for marijuana, and the basic hygiene of handling products for consumers. They should approach all customers with compassion and ask questions if necessary to understand each consumer’s needs. When they are retrieving any product, they should have gloved hands, use tongs or chopsticks to retrieve buds, and wash their hands between customers.

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