Mon. Apr 12th, 2021

Quick keyboard typing remains a professional skill in its own right. Indeed, it will save the company time. Thus, it can be a factor of competition. The easy type site gives some tips to improve typing test for beginners.

If exercise. Like any discipline, typing on the keyboard demands rigor, exercise and learning. Everyone has his methods. On the other hand, the essence of a good typing speed is the ability to type without looking at its keyboard! Then, the more fingers you use, the faster you will tap! Test your speed now with this test.

There are two great tips to help you type faster on your keyboard:

Keyboard shortcuts

As the name suggests, they allow you to save precious time and apply to different functions: search for a word, transcribe a lowercase text, copy and paste, etc. Find the essential list of keyboard shortcuts to know here .


Have you noticed that one writes faster to calm? In fact, typing on the keyboard demands silence and concentration. With all these keys, the brain needs the best possible conditions to avoid tangling the brushes …

Learning software

There are free computer tools to help you type faster on the keyboard:

Typist: taking into account keyboards coming from Canada, Belgium, France or Switzerland, this software also includes a version for the visually impaired;

Typefaster: Modest software but with the advantage of being multilingual;

Easytype: gives you typing lessons for adults to learn how to type faster as well as tests. However, this site is in English.

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