Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Most of the people around us are working on daily wages and are hardly meeting up their expenses. To add more to their budget, people think off starting a part time business, but coming up with a business idea is the hardest part for them. As every business has some pros & cons and most of the people are not risk takers, especially if you are a college or university student entrepreneur.

Patrons go for the business ideas that have less risk and had a good income. For such people who wants to start a part time business with a good income and less risk factors one of the best ideas is to be a rideshare driver by registering with a service like ; as soon as you get your car registered you can earn money by taking passengers to their destinations.

  • Is this a profitable business?
  • How much can an Uber driver earn?

These types of questions might arise in anyone’s mind when registering their car Uber. So, the answer for this is that Uber driver earning depends upon the state in which he is driving, like in Los Angeles Uber drivers can earn from $11 up to $ 30 per hour and in other states as per calculation a typical driver working with Uber makes about $11.12 in an hour after deduction of all expenses like insurances, gas, deprecation but excluding taxes.

This can be considered as a good income per hour for any person. Aside from usual earning Uber drivers also get a good amount of tip from passengers. You have to keep one thing in mind that Uber doesn’t pay any kind of salary to the drivers; you get a portion of the fare from every ride. As advertised by Uber you can also make $5,000/month but to get this much you have to drive 450 hours a month and most of the people are part-time drivers so that seems a bit hard target to get.

When you drive with Uber you get a handsome amount as compared to many other jobs and you have freedom and independency in your profession. Moreover, you can also register your car with other similar services like Lyft, Careem etc. and can start an errand service business along and you should certainly earn a good amount!

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