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You ought to be in a line of thought if PMP Online training can be utilised for 35 contact hours of project management teaching. Brief reply is yes, it can be used. In this article, we have explained what a PMP online training is, what 35 contact hours are, and how an online course fulfils PMI’s project management education needs. We have also explained the advantages of an online program over other shapes of training courses and logics why an online PMP training is the superior way to get 35 contact hours.

You require 35 contact hours of casual project management education to apply for the PMP bona fides exam. As per the PMP handbook, one hour of classroom education is equivalent to one contact hour. The PMP handbook actually notes that separates and which does not fulfil the educational needs. It appears that online courses cannot be utilised for getting 35 hours of project management education. Down the memory lane it was true. But, things have switched since then. PMI now identifies eLearning courses for getting 35 hours education.

You can fulfil the education needs by revealing the effectual completion of courses, workshops and training meetings provided by Distance-learning companies, comprising parts of courses of studies evaluation. It is evident from the above statement, a pmp certification cost online training with an end of course evaluation meets the PMI’s 35 hours education need. But before you purchase an online PMP course, you should hold the following things in mind:

  • Although not important, it is easy to choose for a course from PMI’s REP.
  • The course should have good blend of videos and other teaching material like eBooks and practice queries.
  • The course should include all the learning aims of project management.
  • There should be a master class evaluation to meet PMI’s explanation of 35 contact hours.
  • You should acquire a 35 contact hour’s certificate at the master class.
  • It goes without saying that content standard should be good as below average content can hurt your opportunities of passing the exam.
  • The course should be taught by a native English language master as the exam is managed in English language only.

You can get PMP training in 3 various forms e.g. physical classroom, essential classroom, and self-learning online. There are clear advantages & disadvantages of each form. Let’s discuss about the advantages of PMP online training over other the other shapes of training. A self-learning PMP online training course

  • Is minimum costly and cost-effective.
  • Is obtainable at a time and location of your option. It offers you plenty of adaptability.
  • Does not offer you detail overload in a moment. You can study in short squirts and digest the new understanding before jumping to a new topic.
  • Saves you change time. You don’t require travelling anywhere to be present at the training.
  • Provides you an option to learn at your own step.
  • Provides you adaptability to follow your own style of learning. You can watch all the videos, read eBooks and then do workouts. Or, you can do workouts instantly after learning a new topic.
  • Let you to use your spare time for the exam prep. You can pay attention to the audios and watch videos while you are performing tedious jobs like jogging, reducing, waiting at Doctor’s, moving through airport etc. You can possibly save 25% of your preparation time.

Exam prep through an online program requires control and self-discipline. You will have to prepare a study plan and follow it usually. We, at Master of Project Academy will give you more understanding about it.


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