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Marketing succeeds when the brand stories are told well. And the best way to tell a brand story is using a brochure.

A brochure is the most powerful promotional tool a marketer can wield to enlighten interest and convert his audience to his brand. It has the right mix of visual images and content to appeal to the user and tell your brand story.

Let us look at some ways to tell your brand or business story through brochure printing.

  1. Charm them with your cover

The cover page of your brochure is the one that catches the eye of the customer first. Make this cover page vivid and vital with eye-catching visuals and a crisp headline. Something unique is always attention-grabbing. Design your cover page with a difference using a fold, die-cut, different texture or material, perhaps.

You may shine the spotlight on your best asset in business or your best product on the cover page to attract attention. This technique usually works best for brochures designed for product expos or exhibitions.

Use additional thickness for your cover page to make it more distinguishing. Add an extra coat of lamination to give it the premium look.

  1. Use the back cover to back you up

The back cover of your brochure is often crammed with just address details. Unleash your imagination to market your business well by adding pictures of your products, company infrastructure or equipment. Some companies even use the back cover to promote the contest and discount deals.

  1. Space out your layout

A brochure is different from a leaflet or flyer in the fact that it has multiple pages and exhaustive information. But do not cram the brochure layout with visuals and content to give an overcrowded effect. Use the element of space to create an easy flow of conversation to tell your story.

Space out the heading, subheadings, paragraphs and visual images. Allow space for your content to breathe in between the pictures.

  1. Use a continuous flow of conversation

You want your brochure to reach out to the audience and tell a story about your brand or business. Then, have a brand voice to tell the story. Choose a manner of speaking to the audience – formal, informal, informative, casual etc. But ensure that this tone is maintained throughout. Formulate content in such a way that is continuous and flows from page to page. Let the visuals match the content appropriately.

  1. Use high-resolution images

Your brochure is going to tell your brand story. Make it emphatic with high-resolution pictures. Use original pictures of your product and company facilities. Engage a professional photographer and shoot good pictures of high clarity and resolution. Edit the pictures with the help of a graphic designer or entrust them to your print specialist to showcase them appropriately.

  1. Centre is central

Yes, the centre pages of your brochure are the most important. They offer a landscape to display the canvas of your products in a wide fashion. Use the center pages to the maximum by displaying the bestselling points in the form of content and creative images.

Some innovative marketers even use the center pages to feature contest details or use them to act as tear-off discount-slips.  However you use them, make sure the center pages of your brochure offer the greatest impact.

  1. Quality counts

Let the top quality of your brochure speak volumes of your brand. Use the best paper and printing process to give that supreme look to your brochure. Let its rich content and vibrant visuals do the storytelling about the proficiency of your brand.  Make your brochure quality count as the highest to portray our best brand image.

Design and print a stunning brochure with the help of experts to tell your brand story eloquently and loudly. Let your brochure printing do your storytelling in the best and beautiful manner.

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