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Taking care of your pet is equally important as caring self. A dog is one of the most trustworthy pet who is more trustworthy than any other pet. And your dog is many-time affected by the ticks which grow on their skin and start damaging its health. It’s important to take out the ticks to regular your dog’s health. So, what are the best possible ways that you can adopt to remove ticks from your dog’s body?

Before we move to find the effective options, let’s grow our knowledge about the ticks and how they affect your dog.

What are Ticks:

In simple terms, ticks are tiny parasites that stick to your dog’s skin and continue sucking the blood. These parasites reach to your dog through various mediums and most of them comes from the unhygienic environment.

How to remove ticks from your dog?

This is the important question that you all should read thoroughly. Below are the ways that you can adopt to omit ticks from your dog’s body.

Use Shampoo:

There are shampoos which are specially made to treat such problems on your dog. You can easily bathe your dog using the shampoo and remove the ticks. Make sure you rub the skin that will separate the ticks from your dog’s body and can be washed out easily.

Oral Medication:

There is a spot-on treatment which is highly effective to remove ticks from the dog. These oral medicines can be purchased from Canada Drugs online store with home delivery option. However, it’s still recommended to ask your veterinary doctor ahead of using this treatment.

Tick Dip:

Not many of the pet owners know about tick dips. It is a concentrated chemical which is added with water to make a solution. This solution is applied to the dog’s body that targets the ticks and removes them from the body. But as the chemical is a bit dangerous for the skin, you should consult your veterinary doctor for the right dosage.

These are the common steps you can follow to remove the ticks easily. But it’s better to take precaution to keep ticks away from your pet. Below are the precautions that you should always follow.

Clean their Living Area:

The area where your pet used to live must be cleaned on a regular interval of time. This will help you maintain hygiene and keep them away from any problems.

Do Regular Grooming:

Dogs with long hairs are hard to diagnose for ticks. That’s why you should do regular grooming of your dog with the thin comb. This will also protect their body from getting targeted by the ticks.

Give Regular Vaccination:

Many pet owners skip giving important vaccinations to their pet. This results in various other problems and invites parasites like ticks. Regular vaccination will help them maintain a strong immune system and stay a healthy life for long.

So, this is all about ticks and the important ways to remove ticks from your dog’s body. What more do you think can work for ticks? Do let us know in the comment box below.

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