Mon. Apr 12th, 2021

Many of us were introduced to the caster chair environment when we were hired to work in an administrative office setting. Our desks were close to one another and when you wanted to whisper to a fellow employee, you used your legs and feet to roll your caster chair from behind your desk and roll up close to theirs. 

You’ve likely seen caster wheels on a hospital gurney either in real life or on TV, as doctors and nurses rapidly wheeled sick patients down medical corridors. In the early days of office work, caster inspired chairs were placed on top of thick plastic mats. 

Today, caster technology can safely and easily roll and pivot across carpeting. The bearing and wheel designs are more innovative allowing chairs and office equipment to roll across surfaces of all types without any floor surface hindrances.

I remember the good ole days of squeaky caster chairs, but the noise no longer exists. Unwanted squeaky sounds of rolling office equipment is a thing of the past. Now, there are practically silent office chair casters which are favored and used in other industries.

The casters and hardware industry has created several types. They now include stationary casters which can move but only back and forth; swivel casters that are mounted to a pivoting turning joint and can turn in a 360-degree rotation.

Of course, there are wheels whose material properties have changed from just metal wheels. Modern caster technology is made in improved metal, sturdy plastic, pneumatic, polyurethane, and varying forms of synthetic polymers.

The advanced technology for caster hardware has produced casters which are used in a variety of workplace environments. This means that they have been designed to hold up under varying temperatures, wet and dry environments, safe for all floor surface conditions, can hold up under varying weight requirements, and can roll along with great speed. 

There isn’t an industry that doesn’t use casters, like educational, retail, chemical plants, electronics, warehouses of all types, garages, residential, government, food and beverage environments, and more. Businesses simply need to know what their weight load will be in order to secure the right casters. 

For example, the caster designs used in offices and residential environment, can hold up light loads that are under 250 lbs. Heavy-duty industrial casters can hold up to 10,000 plus lbs. 

Environments like a hospital or light manufacturing areas can hold up from 500 lbs. to more than 1500 lbs. of weight. Industries like airplane manufacturing, heavy construction sites can use caster made equipment that can hold up to 20,000 lbs. 

Caster companies offer caster hardware in different shapes and sizes. For your home or business, popular caster features carried by the companies in the DFW area includes:

• Chair/Furniture Casters, 
• Expandable Rubber Adapter Casters, 
• Grip Ring Casters, 
• Heavy/Light/Medium Duty Casters, 
• High Temp Caster for Bakeries, 
• Locking, 
• Ovens/Kitchens, 
• Stainless Steel Casters, 
• Stem Casters and much more!


The invention of casters keep our daily lives rolling along with ease and stability. Next time you go shopping and you use a shopping cart, think of casters. When households need to move furniture or outdoor yard items and you know wheels would help alleviate the weight, think casters. Where would we be without them!


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