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Running a business isn’t as easy as some may believe. While there are certainly a lot of perks attached to being your own boss, it also comes with a slew of responsibilities that can have significant effects on the state of the company. No matter the line of work involved, it isn’t uncommon for a leader to experience feelings of stress and trepidation. This is especially true for those in charge of smaller businesses where success and failure often hinge on your decisions, and the outcome affects not just you but the careers of your employees and staff.

The road to success is often paved with challenges and hardships, mostly due to the limited budget that we have to work with. For larger enterprises and global entrepreneurs like Varsha Rao, this is a non-issue but for smaller businesses, it can prove to be more than a mere difficulty. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. Success is attainable despite tough market conditions and the unpredictability of the economy. Here are just a few low-cost ways that can improve and strengthen a small business.

1.Start with your staff

Employees are often considered the backbone of any company, and for good reason: they provide the work that allows projects and schemes to be accomplished. With that in mind, it’s always good practice to give credit where credit is due. Besides the government-mandated benefits, we can go the extra mile for them in a few inexpensive ways.

You can start by simply recognising their efforts and praising them for their achievements within the business. A few words of acknowledgement can surprisingly do wonders for morale, and it can go a long way to promoting and perhaps even improving work ethic. Invest some time into getting to know your staff as well. It will not only show them that they aren’t indispensable, but also give some helpful insight and knowledge.

2.Use technology

It’s no surprise that many businesses tend to make use of modern technology for growth and development, and there’s no reason that you should not do the same. Marketing, for example, has become far more effective when done digitally, and a small investment in this area can make all the difference. From social-media websites to blogs, getting your business known online is a low-cost method of generating your presence.

Using technology can also be a convenient way of monitoring certain trends that can affect how profitable your company can be. They say time is money, and spending it on knowing what the trends are should help in making good business decisions.

3.Become aware of your limits

We can easily get carried away when running a business and fail to notice that we are biting off more than we chew. Being aware of your limits is essential as it will help you make reasonable decisions, whether to create a partnership with another company to generate more revenue or to simply keep your business safe.

Smaller companies often have to rely on frugal and economical business decisions to survive. It is certainly true that expenditure can oftentimes be an unavoidable obstacle in producing profit, but it’s important to keep an open mind because there are always ways to minimise and mitigate high costs.

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